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BP Settlement - File your claim before it is too late!

The new Deepwater Horizon Compensation fund has offered almost $4 Billion in settlements, but time is running out and when the claims window is closed it will be closed forever. We have already settled millions of dollars in claims for our clients. Find out if you are eligible before the deadline.

Helping Tourist Businesses, Construction Companies, Property Owners, Healthcare Practitioners, and many more.

The new BP settlement will pay economic loss claims to business owners for losses in profit that were a result of the oil spill. Most businesses are eligible, and qualification is based on precise financial tests that our experts can perform. We specialize in complex business claims that require detailed forensic accounting analysis, without a detailed expert report your claim may be delayed, denied or appealed.

Obtaining Faster and Fairer BP Settlements

The new BP settlement being managed by neutral Third Parties aims to release payments to Business in Gulf Coast states that saw a drop in revenue during the spill. However, the losses must be proven. We can project what your fair Settlement Value is and make sure that you don’t take a low offer.

File Your Case Right Away

With over two hundred thousand BP oil spill claims being processed and waiting to be paid, it’s important to act now and get your case filed as soon as possible. This prevents your claims from being pushed to the back of the line. Start the online process today by filling out the form to the left. Our BP lawyers will make sure that your case is filed right away and maximize your recovery.

Appeals and Denials

Was your claim denied for incompleteness or appealed? We can help! Our record for overturning denials and winning appeals is exceptional. Due to the short deadlines, please call immediately if your claim has been denied or appealed.

Our Experience

Our firm has recovered compensation for over 100 of our clients for millions of dollars. We fight for your rights and make sure that you get a fair settlement for the damages suffered as a result of the BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill. Complete the form below or contact us directly at 1 (800) 769-2027.